Chapel Hill Pediatric Psychology
Saturday, September 25, 2021

Speaker's Bureau

We welcome requests from our community, schools, the media, and religious or civic groups to provide talks on various topics related to psychological issues regarding children.
Some of the frequent topics we are asked to address in talks and call-in times include:
Attention-Deficit/Hyperactive Disorders (ADHD)
ADHD in Adults
Adoption Issues
Behavior Problems
Child Management
Chores - how to get them done
Developmental issues of the Preschool Child
Developmental issues of the Elementary Child
Developmental issues of the Middle School Child
Developmental issues of the Adolescent
Executive Functioning
Gifted Children
Homework Problems
Impact of Divorce
Learning Disabilities
Making Friends
Motivation - or lack thereof
Organization Problems
Responsibility - how to teach
Routines - getting up or dressed
Separation Anxiety
Sexual Abuse
Sibling Rivalry
Sleep Problems
Social Skills
Stress Management
Time Management
Toileting Problems