Chapel Hill Pediatric Psychology
Saturday, September 25, 2021

Adult Counseling

As adults, we are continually adjusting to changes that can stem from our physical and social environments, family and work dynamics, our own maturation or modifications in personal goals and priorities. For some of us, an awareness of ineffective coping skills, feelings of unhappiness or anxiety, pressure to address longstanding challenges, or a desire to pursue an alternate pathway through life provides the impetus to pursue new knowledge and/or strategies.
Research, as well as our own experiences, indicate that people benefit from counseling and that engaging with an experienced therapist is a good investment in oneself. Our therapists will help you examine core values and beliefs, re-structure aspects of the way you habitually think and perceive the world, make supportive behavior changes, and/or help you adjust to changing roles and living arrangements.
Counseling is available for a variety of difficulties such as depression, anxiety, relationship problems, anger management and bereavement (grief relationship challenges). Psychological services also are provided for adjustment problems that arise from marital separation and divorce, physical relocation, changes in employment and other emotionally challenging experiences. Our therapists can also effectively address issues related to self-confidence, assertiveness, adult ADHD, mood regulation, communication enhancement, workplace efficacy, career re-management and improved self-management in conflict-bound environments.